Entrepreneur,IT Consultant,Photographer

A little about me

As a professional IT consultant I focus on combining both business and IT. After graduating from the University of Waterloo I worked in several countries before returning to Canada. Over the past 25 years I have gained extensive experience in both the IT and business fields.

Recently I have been assisting baby gear-USA® as their CIO and an Advisory Board Member. Prior to this I was a founder and CTO for Virtual IT LTD, a UK based IT outsourcing company. I have also held roles such as VP Business Development and Director of Mergers & Acquisitions at several multi-national companies.

My true passion is starting and working with smaller companies, transforming ideas into plans and actions. I am a serial entrepreneur having been involved with many startups from the initial concept phase!

As a side hobby I love to take pictures - especially places and aminals - this site has most of my photographs in several albumns (see Library Section)

Things I do for Work and Fun


My passion for working with companies that are just getting going seems limitless. From ideas to plans and then making it happen - no where to hide - immediate feedback on your success.

Please contact me if you have something I can help with or you think I would be interested in!


Although I often work throught MRD Global, I also do independent consulting, focusing on strategic IT: systems implementation, Business Integration, Due Diligence and system security.

For more information I have included a Consulting CV and my Business CV in pdf format.


This is my hobby. My travels have given me an opportunity to take pictures from around the world. I have taken most of these photographs over the last 20 years.

The Library section has more details about the image libraries.

Random Example Photos

Bright tropical bird
Late May in Copenhagen
Happy hippo in the Mara river
Mount Denali, Alaska - 2001-06
Hide and seek with a lizard
Deep in thought about the coming joust
Mostly feathers - little body mass
Cheetah in the Masai Mara, Kenya

Photo Library

My photos are grouped into a 'published' album and 'raw' image content. The 'published' content is presented using web album CMS software. It is organized by region, country and dates. The 'raw' content is grouped by source type, country and date. The 'published' album is the work I would suggest people to look at. The 'raw' archive is only for completeness.


Most of the Albums are grouped by geographical regions. Within these regions the collections are grouped by county and year. I have included some "catch all" collections for a more focused grouping of some images.

My Albums are displayed using Koken software, a content management system and web site publishing for photographers


The archives are a reference of jpg images converted from their original sources. Slides and negatives are from older DSL film equipment. The newer digital images are from point and shoot, and DSL cameras.

To keep these in order I have catagorized them by type, county/activity, year and month. These images are shown using Single File PHP Gallery software.

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Prescott, Ontario, Canada


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