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England 2008

Photos from England in 2008

  1. img_4422.jpg

    Red Ibis on Green

  2. img_4428.jpg

    Do not let the red part get you

  3. img_4435.jpg

    Good place to build a nest

  4. img_4445.jpg

    Looking for food

  5. img_4456.jpg

    Mandarin Duck - Wing in the water

  6. img_4460.jpg

    Colour on a dull day

  7. img_4472.jpg

    The race is on - kids

  8. img_4473.jpg

    No point in hiding those colours

  9. img_4476.jpg

    Vivid against the lake

  10. img_4492.jpg

    Even out of the water the colours are strong

  11. img_4493.jpg

    Taking a walk for no reason

  12. img_4510.jpg

    The branch is not big enough to hide behind

  13. img_4521.jpg

    Two's company

  14. img_4526.jpg

    All of the texture is great

  15. img_4563.jpg

    Just sitting around

  16. img_4581.jpg

    Depth, colour and texture

  17. img_4587.jpg

    Texture of the water constrasts the overall location

  18. img_4609.jpg

    Classic butterfly shot

  19. img_4615.jpg

    Flowers with bright colour

  20. img_4619.jpg

    Tropical bird

  21. img_4630.jpg

    Another classic butterfly shot