Mark Davies

  1. scan45_negative00029.jpg

    Near Orb in Switzerland

  2. scan47_negative00031.jpg

    Compione, Italy

  3. scan47_negative00025.jpg

    Compione (a small village that is Italian but is surrounded and administered by Switzerland)

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    The lookout is top left as we go South on Lake Lugano towards Compione (Italy).

  5. scan47_negative00010.jpg

    Dad after taking some photos from the lookout high above Lugano

  6. scan47_negative00009.jpg

    The colour is changing fast - the rain is racing in towards Lugano

  7. scan47_negative00007.jpg

    A lighter moment for Mum and Dad in Lugano

  8. scan47_negative00004.jpg

    The rains are coming to Lugano, Switzerland

  9. scan47_negative00002.jpg

    Lugano, Switzerland

  10. scan46_negative00025.jpg

    Montreal's downtown as seen from the Circuit Giles Villeneuve

  11. scan46_negative00017.jpg

    Jacque Villeneuve at Montreal in 1997 - glowing brakes for the 180mph to 40 mph hairpin

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    Chillon Castle standing in the mist one morning, Switzerland

  13. scan45_negative00031.jpg

    Chillon Castle in Switzerland

  14. scan45_negative00026.jpg

    Chexbres in Switzerland is a small village with lots of history.

  15. scan45_negative00010.jpg

    Sion Castle, Switzerland

  16. scan45_negative00007.jpg

    Looking West towards Sion, Switzerland

  17. scan45_negative00003.jpg

    Looking towards Brig in Switzerland (halfway between Sion and Brig)

  18. scan45_negative00000.jpg

    The road to the right goes to Milan via the Simplon, near Brig, Switzerland

  19. scan44_negative00014.jpg

    A classical shoot of the church in St Tropez

  20. scan44_negative00005.jpg

    Selling masks for a street festival in Avenches, Switzerland

  21. scan44_negative00002.jpg

    Well preserved amphitheatre in Avenches, Switzerland